Martes, Abril 2, 2013

Admit Two for a Ka-Bayani like You

What is a Ka-Bayani Advocate? [ka-ba-ya-nee ædvəkət]

1. As a /noun/ - person or people; film enthusiasts, theater lovers, engagement managers, HR officers, company representatives, school owners or directors across all levels from K to 12, HS and higher education, civic organizations, youth organizations, bloggers, pretty much everyone committed, able and willing to spread arts and culture within their sphere of influence.

2. As an /ˈajiktiv/ - as a co-hero to the promotion and cultivation of Filipino arts and culture through film and theater, a Ka-Bayani modifies the world. They enrich and make life more meaningful. They pave the way in broadening one's horizon. They enable creativity, imagination and inspire hope.

3. As a  /vərb/ - watching is an action word. It is tantamount to helping the under-privileged Filipino in the public schools, baranggays or our Indigenous brothers have the opportunity to experience quality Filipino films and stage plays for FREE. 

Help us make BK happen

Join us in the launch and get to know our advocacy. Share in the vision. Be with us for a night of communal collaboration for culture. 

Be a Ka-bayani Advocate. 

Please RSVP by April 6th to the SneakPick Secretariat so we can reserve a seat for you.

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